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featured commercial auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a business in Georgia, you should consider obtaining commercial insurance. We offer various commercial insurance policies here at OnePoint Insurance Agency to help keep your business protected against risks related to employees, business property, and daily operations. If you choose to run a business without insurance, it can put your business in financial jeopardy, resulting in lawsuits and much more.

Georgia only requires businesses that employ three or more full-time or part-time employees to obtain workers’ compensation. You may also be responsible for providing this type of coverage to any subcontractor you hire if they don’t already have a policy.

trucking insurance


Trucks share many of the same coverages as other commercial vehicles. Here's some that are more specific to trucks.

  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Motor Truck General Liability
  • Non-Trucking Liability
  • Rental Reimbursement with Downtime
  • Trailer Interchange

Tow specific

Tow trucks share many of the same coverages as any other type of commercial vehicle. Some are geared more towards tow trucks.

  • Garage keepers Legal Liability Insurance
  • On-Hook Towing Insurance

In addition to some of the common coverages shared by all commercial vehicles, we also offer truck-specific coverages including:

  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Motor Truck General Liability
  • Non-Trucking Liability
general liability

General Liability Insurance

Who needs General Liability insurance?

Here are some examples of businesses owners who might need general liability coverage:

  • General contractors sometimes need general liability as part of the license requirements in their state.
  • Fitness instructors need coverage for some certifications, and it’s usually required if they work at a gym.
  • Anyone who wants to rent commercial property could be required to have coverage as part of their commercial lease.

What does General Liability cover?

General liability insurance protects you from unexpected expenses related to many of the most common types of accidents that can affect your business and lead to lawsuits:

  • Injuries to people who are not your employees
  • Damage to property you don’t own
  • Accusations of libel or slander
business owner policy

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy (BOP) combines two important types of business insurance general liability insurance and commercial property insurance into one package that is usually less expensive than buying the coverage separately.

General liability insurance can help pay for medical expenses if your business is held responsible for an injury to someone who is not an employee, as well as legal costs if they sue your business. It can also help cover the costs if you or an employee accidentally damage someone’s property.

Commercial property coverage helps pay for business goods, gear and inventory and damage to structures and provides business income after a covered event.

BOP insurance has additional benefits:

  • You save money by bundling two policies into one
  • You get coverage that’s tailored for small businesses like yours
  • You can easily manage your coverage, add additional insureds, and share certificates online.
workers compensation

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides a safety net for you and your employees after a workplace injury. It can help cover expenses for medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs.

It’s an essential component of your small business insurance package that protects you and your employees from financial harm. You’re required to purchase coverage in most states as soon as you hire your first employee.

Do I need Workers’ Comp if I am self-employed?

A common misconception about workers’ compensation is that it’s only needed when a business has employees. In fact, many self-employed workers, sole proprietors, and independent contractors purchase coverage for the financial protection it provides or to meet contract requirements with clients.

If you don’t have workers’ comp and you are injured at work, you also might not be covered by your personal health insurance. It’s important to read your policy documents carefully to make sure you are protected.

If you need to quickly obtain coverage to satisfy a client, bid, or professional license requirement, you can instantly access your certificate of insurance as soon as you purchase a policy.

professional liability insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects your business against civil lawsuits and negligence claims related to professional mistakes, whether you made them, or a client just thinks you did.

Many companies sell a stand-alone professional liability policy while others sell it as part of an insurance package with general liability insurance. One advantage of buying both policies together is that you don’t need to worry about whether something should be covered as part of your general liability insurance or part of your professional liability insurance you just get it covered.

Professional liability business insurance helps pay for lawsuit costs and damages if your company is accused of work errors or incomplete projects that cause a client to lose money.

Professional liability can help pay for:

  • Professional negligence (actual or alleged)
  • Legal defense costs
  • Legal judgments
errors and omissions

Erros & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

An errors and omissions insurance policy, also known as professional liability insurance, provides financial protection for you and your business if you are accused of making a mistake, professional negligence or not delivering on business agreements.

Regardless of whether an accusation is warranted or not, it will take time and financial resources for you to respond. Small business errors and omissions (E&O) insurance can provide coverage for associated costs up to your policy limit, helping you to avoid disruptions to your business and out-of-pocket expenses.

Who needs Errors and Omissions insurance?

Most businesses that provide a service or offer professional advice can benefit from an E&O policy. Common business types that need E&O Insurance are:

  • Insurance agents
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Home inspectors
  • Property managers

E&O can cover costs up to your policy limit if:

  • A customer says you made a mistake that caused financial harm.
  • You miss a deadline while providing a service that negatively impacted your client.
  • Someone claims that they lost money because you were negligent in providing business services.
liquor liability insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance helps protect businesses that manufacture, sell and serve alcohol. It’s designed to cover losses resulting from intoxicated guests.

Losses include:

  • Legal costs
  • Lawsuit settlements
  • Repairs to fix property damage
  • Liquor liability insurance can help by paying for the medical bills and any associated legal fees.

Generally, liquor liability insurance covers:

Property damage

Slips and falls

Bodily injury

A group comes to celebrate a friend’s birthday with dinner and drinks. They don’t seem intoxicated as they leave, but they get in an accident on the way home that seriously injures the other driver. Your business can be held liable for the damages if the driver was over the limit.


Surety Bond

There are several types of commercial surety bonds required for individuals or businesses by legislation, the government, or other entities. They are designed to protect the public, prevent financial losses, regulate markets, and safeguard against fraud and unethical business dealings. The following are common types of commercial surety bonds we offer:

  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Court Bonds or Judicial Bonds
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • Public Official bonds and
  • Miscellaneous Bonds

Miscellaneous bonds are commonly used to meet the needs of private relationships and unique business relationships. Examples include wage and welfare bonds, utility bonds, workers compensation for self-insured employees, union bonds, lost securities bonds, and hazardous waste removal bonds.

Whether you are a business or individual seeking a particular type of bond or a variety of bonding requirements, OnePoint can provide a surety program tailored to your needs.


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